India's First Professional Music group featuring children

After two years of our film music shows I started hunting for Carnatic performing children. All my own film singers could  sing Carnatic music upto Keerthanai level. I requested their Gurus to start them on Aalapanai, Nereval and Kalpana Swaram. Initially they were a little reluctant but when they noticed how well they grasped the lessons, they decided to support me fully. In the meantime I started contacting many good gurus who were training Pakka Vadhyams and started building my data base on Violin, Mridangam, Ghatam and other instrument playing children. In this area also it was formerly believed that they should not go on stage until they are 18. I begged the gurus to give them advanced training and promised to make them Junior Vidwans very soon. 

At this juncture. I  approached Jaya Tv with a concept of having a One Day Festival to showcase the  'VARUNGALA VIDWANS OF TAMILNADU". They readily agreed and we started this festival featuring 15   Concerts shot in one day in front of live audience. . These concerts were telecast on Jaya TV every day for three weeks under the brand name BAALA BRUHMAM..  This happened eight years ago and since then we have not looked back. The eighth Baala Bruhmam went on air in Jaya Tv in July 2011.

The success of the above programme brought about a change in the Carnatic Music scenario in Tamilnadu.A new trend had set in - to have children based Carnatic concerts at Sabhas, Weddings, Birtday parties & Temple functions. Every December we perform an average of 90 concerts.

In the year 2004  Issai Mazhalai had the prevelege to perform in front of His Excellency Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam on  the 16th October, the day after his birthday. The show took place at the Yellow Hall of the Rashtrapathi Bhavan in front  of a sprinkling of dignitaries. The show began with a solo in the Ragam Nattai followed by a song in Lathangi. This was followed by a group song originally written by the President himself and composed by A.R.Rahman. The most appreciated song was the Pancharathna Keerthanai by saint Thygaraja 'ENTHARO MAHANUBAVULU" for which the President and his invitees gave a standing ovation. He posed for photos individually with each child and signed autographs for  them. This was followed by a High Tea hosted by the President where he personally enquired each ones likes and dislikes and also learnt about each ones ambition in life.

Today we have proudly achieved many things with the blessings of God – my group has performed all over India including the top Sabhas of Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Hyderabad etc.. We  performed our first overseas concerts in Malaysia & Singapore. In the year 2007 . Today overseas concerts have become a day to day activity. Our performers have visited USA, Canada, Dubai, Uk, Europe, Africa and many other parts of the world. Many  Senior Issai Mazhalais are among the leading  young Carnatic Musicians of today.