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About Ramjhi

The dawn of a New Era -  ISSAI MAZHALAI
At the beginning of the new Millennium , I started thirsting for a new venture. The idea of starting a professional Kids music show dawned upon me when I was on a contract as "Senior Consultant - Programming" in Raj Tv. I used to produce several Music based shows for the channel.When we were shooting a Music based talent show I found that the participants who were below 15 were more involved in their work compared to the adults. The youngsters would go to a corner and rehearse their songs or ask someone how to improve their singing quality etc. while the grown ups would be chatting or gossiping during breaks. This is what opened my eyes and gave me my first spark to begin a group featuring children. I started hunting from school to school looking for talent. I was able to identify about 60 children by March`2000. It was exam time by then and I waited for them to complete their exams. Beginning 5th April till 5th May we rehearsed every day in a Kalyana Mandapam off Cathedral Road for 30 days non-stop. I picked 14 out of the 60 and inaugurated 'ISSAI MAZHALAI" on the 14th May`2000. Padmashree Kamal Haasan. Inaugurated the group.

The group, having singing children from 4 to 12, was a runaway success from day one and we are now the "most sought after" singing group in India. We have performed about 1200  shows till date all over India and abroad .

Till 2000 if there was a song to be sung by a child senior artists Like Smt.S.Janaki or Smt.M.S.Rajeswari would imitate the voice. Sri.A.R.Rahman first made my children sing in his film LAGAAN.  Many other leading Music Directors followed suit. namely Vidya Sagar, Ilaya Raja, Baradwaj, Yuvan Shankar Raja, G.V.Prakash etc are now using our children for all their films. Issai mazhalai children continue to be a favourite part of A.R.Rahman in most films & they have sung in the Oscar Winning song “Jai Ho ‘also. Today after 12 years of our entry we are proud to say that whenever you hear a Childs Voice in any Indian Film it will be from Issai Mazhalai.

In the year 2004 on October 15th we had the greatest moment of pride in the career of Issai Mazhalai. We were invited to perform in front of our beloved President of India Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. The originally allotted slot of 20 minutes was extended by him to 2 hours including a High Tea hosted for us at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan –New Delhi.Today many of our past Issai Mazhalais are popular Playback Singers in the film industry

Awards for Ramjhi: The Samaikya Bharath Gaurav Satkar award by The Bharath Integration Committee at Vizag – 2006.  The Kala Seva Bharathi award by Bharath Kalachar –2006. Guru Seva award by the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam 2006. The Acharya Award by M/S Call Teachers –2007.Acharya Rathna Award by Austere Media 2010. Sangeetha Kala Vipanchee from Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna 2010

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